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The history of private streets in Orinda


The history of private streets is contained on two pages:

     Private Streets

     History of Private Roads

There has been one private street workshop on October 1, 2019 which resulted in no actions taken. The reason for the "workshop" was so that the members of the Council and the residents could enter into a dialogue; discuss contentious issues; defuse misunderstandings; and maybe even explore solutions. The workshop was led by a paid moderator who created an 11-page report listing 17 things the city could explore.  


No further discussion of private streets has taken place since the workshop.


There are other elements of the history touched on in those two web pages.

            - The letter signed by 825 residents requesting action.

            - The survey leading up to Measure R in February 2020 where 48% of those responding said they would actually pay an additional tax to fund the private roads becoming public, just short of a concerned majority.

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