This website describes Orinda’s road system, focusing on the fact that one quarter of the system is privately maintained while performing the same function of the rest of the system, providing public access to private homes and businesses.


The negative impact of this two-class system of roads has increased over the years such that owners and residents of the “private” portion of the road network are paying hundreds of dollars a year to support the public portion and, conversely, the property owners fronting the publicly maintained roads are benefiting from this support.


In November 2020, a new tax, a one percent sales tax generating $2.4 million a year, will exacerbate the problem, costing the average household $350 a year (increasing with inflation for 20 years).  While a very small piece of this tax will be dedicated to wildfire prevention, the majority will go to the repair and maintenance of the publicly maintained roads and associated storm drains.


Fair minded Orindans are opposing this taxWhile they believe that the small portion that will go to fund fire prevention efforts is important, they believe that it is both too small to be effective and that there are alternative ways to generate the needed revenue.  Read the Q&A's about the sales tax and inform yourselves of the issue.


Please support a fair road maintenance program for Orinda.

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