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There Is A Solution - February 4, 2024

It could cost as little as 10 cents a day to provide road maintenance to all residents of Orinda and stop the practice of denying this essential service to 1,550 Orinda families.

Orinda's Private Road Problem - August 1, 2023

The 1,550 families living on Orinda's "private" roads are not just paying to maintain their own street, they are paying thousands of new tax dollars to maintain their neighbor's streets.  Few understand how much they are paying for a service, now considered an essential service, they themselves are denied.

Letter to City Council re. Road Maintenance on "Private" Roads - June 29, 2021

The Orinda City Council continues to ignore the condition that 30 miles of roads serving 1,560 Orinda families are not maintained by the City.  This is despite the fact that the City has declared road and storm drain maintenance an Essential Service.  This letter objects to the ongoing practice of preventing any road which agrees to provide public access being declared "public" and then funded with public tax dollars.

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